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No matter how little money or how few possessions you have,

having a dog makes you rich.

Our Story started in 2009, when WITHMAX owner, Tess, was looking for a companion whilst studying for her National Diploma in Animal Care.
Pictured above is Tess and her border collie, Max. Here is her story:
It goes without saying that dogs are a very special gift to us and love you unconditionally no matter your situation. I felt extremely lucky to have such a loyal friend who accompanied me everywhere I went, he never left my side.
In the Summer of 2018, Max begun to fall unwell and after many month's of treatment, his condition turned into Lymphoma cancer. A great battle was fought trying to find the right combination of diet and medication but unfortunately it was an aggressive cancer and I lost Max 5 months after on November 21st 2018. You just can't prepare yourself, it was absolutely heartbreaking. I believed Max was sent to me at a time when I needed him most and left when I found happiness, it was how I dealt with understanding how he just left my side so suddenly. Days passed and I missed him terribly, I missed talking with him, playing with him, watching his funny ways and just his presence around me all the time. But there was one thing I missed most, and that was walking him. As much as he loved it (like all dogs do) I loved it too, I'm an outdoors'y person and loved finding new places to walk and explore with him. So that's how WITHMAX was born.  A good walk is a vital part of a dog's day and it also encourages socialisation with other dogs and other people to keep your dog's confident, happy and healthy.  I learnt how much a dog did for me as an owner, so my aim is to help other owners to understand this and give back to their dogs through our services.
If you're lucky enough to have a dog then hopefully that's why you're here. We will ensure that your dog is looked after to the absolute fullest and given the best adventures when you're committed to doing your day to day things. We know how important your dogs are to you and will do everything in our care to ensure you're both happy.
Thank you for reading our story and hope to meet you (and you're dogs) soon.

The day I brought Max home, February 2009
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